Government Officials

Mayor: Mohammed Khairullah

Council Members:

Esther Perez
Samir Hayek
Adnan  Zakaria
Silvia Villegas
Cristina Peralta
Andre Greer

All Municipal Officials: 973-790-7902

Borough Clerk Yancy Wazirmas ... ext. 516
Tax Collector Steve Sanzari ... ext. 517
Treasurer/Tax Search Officer Steve Sanzari ... ext. 517
Tax Assessor Rosemarie Farrell ... ext.517
Borough Attorney Denis Murphy
Public Works Director Ken Valt ... 973-790-6654
Recycling Coordinator Al Marchitto ... ext. 587
Solid Waste/Recycling Inspector Ed Mooney ... ext.587
Borough Auditor - Ferraioli, Wielkotz Cerullo & Cuva
Borough Engineer - Boswell Engineering
Secretary to the Board of Health - Lois Bridger... ext.523
Animal Control, City of Paterson ... 973-881-3640

Municipal Court
The Borough of Prospect Park Municipal Court dates are on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4:00pm.

Magistrate Joseph Perconti
Borough Prosecutor David Ferrante
Public Defender Richard J. Baldi
Court Administrator Naomi Kasib ... ext. 527 & 528
Deputy Court Administer Heidy Amaral

Building, Zoning, Police and Fire Prevention
Construction Subcode Official, Zoning Officer and
Housing Maintenance Officer Jay Birch .... ext. 524
Fire Prevention Official William Smith ... ext. 522
Fire Inspector Scott Hoek
Fire Chief RJ Dansen ... ext.526
Superintendent Of Police And Fire Alarms Raymond Dansen, Sr.
Plumbing Inspector Ron Barbarulo
Electrical Inspector Bob Lynch
Police Chief Vacant ... ext.512
Officer In Charge: Captain  Franco ... ext.512
Police Clerk Hanna Hataf ... ext.530
Emergency Management Coordinator Ed Vander Ploeg ... ext.515

Information was extracted from the official 2006 Prospect Park calendar.

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